By Emneknaggen 
(Emneknaggen = Norwegian word for #hashtag)
Ingunn Mjønerud and Aurora Brunvoll
#BOOBS is a publishing project, criticizing the media’s portrayal of breasts. By showcasing a diverse selection of personal stories, pictures and poems, we aspire to emphasize that boobs come in all shapes and sizes. We explore the trends surrounding boobs, and the female body in general. We ask why social media is allowed to dictate what is offensive and why only the female nipple is deemed offensive today. Furthermore, we wonder what “freeing the nipple” would entail and whether we really want to free them entirely.
Conceptually, the magazine is striking and brightly coloured. We wanted to distance ourselves from the typical look of women’s magazines, creating an expression that was bolder, to fit with a feminist approach. Since the aim of the magazine is to show a greater range of bodies, skin tones, ages and personalities than we are used to see in the media today, the design - with an emphasis on the colourful and kitsch - was chosen to contrast with the current trend of minimalism within editorial design. This is highlighted by the risograph printing technique.
Currently, the magazine is only available in Norwegian. We are interested in meeting potential publishers and would happily translate the content to English so that it can reach a larger audience.
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«Your boobs look great!»
The 'special edition' of the magazine had a handmade cover in a smooth blue fabric. The cover closes with a bra strap, so you have to open the bra to get into the boobs (aka. the magazine).
Quote from an interview with a breast cancer survivor.
«The doctor who was gonna insert the breast implants asked me how big breasts I wanted to have. As if the goal was to get boobs as big as possible. They weren't that big in the first place, I answered, I just want to have some that resembles the ones I used to have.»
«Ambiguous» – A Photo Series by Lene Johansen.
The magazine is made on a Risograph printer and sewn by hand.
Illustration by Carina Hegreberg.
Illustration by Ada Knoph.
Thanks to all the lovely and talented contributors!

Fabian Bjørne-Larsen
Susannah Bush Eide
Margrete Løbben Hanssen
Carina Carlsen
Maia Jern
Elise Løvereide
Tonje F. Lacher
+ all anonymous poets and writers <3
Ada Knoph
Carina Hegreberg

Nina Bugge
Elinor Fotland
Maria Gossé
Carina Carlsen
Helena Bosdal
Kaisa Milch
Lene Johansen
Silje Thoen

Ingunn Mjønerud
Aurora Brunvoll
Graphic Design

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