During my exchange semester at Visual Communication at Arts University Bournemouth, I did a one week workshop with co-students Sarah Chadder and Sabrina Tong. We worked with smart technologies to solve health issues in the UK. We chose to focus on dental health, and developed a concept around a smart mirror and tooth brush.
The smart mirror encourages you to obtain a proper dental hygiene, and shows you what your dental problems are. A smart tooth brush analyses and registers data from your saliva, pH levels, bacterias, tongue, plaque etc. The tooth brush is connected to the mirror, which shows you the data visually.
The aim of the device is to help raise people’s awareness of and improve dental hygiene. It is also to help prevent dental problems by detecting any pre-existing or developing symptoms. 
– Visualisation of tongue cleaning
– Visualisation of plaque on teeth
– Timer
– Auto-recognition of face
– Progress shows visually (compare last month with today)
– Kid's mode (plus parental access)
This project was made during a short workshop, and is not finished (neither the visuals nor the concept).
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