Westerdals Oslo ACT
Speculative Desing, Concept Development and Visual Identity

Concept development of a fictitious country, and development of the associated visual identity. This was a project at Westerdals Oslo ACT, and as the final delivery I made a webpage. The interactive elements on the page are creative coding done with Processing.
Fictitious Country Concept
Anopia is a country for brave people who want to take a stand and clearly show it to the surrounding world. They want to distance themselves from the superficial and materialistic society we live in – by living without their eye sight. By doing this they want to show that a society without focus on the shallow and visual appearance is much richer than the society we live in today, with an increasing focus on the looks and body. 
To be an inhabitant of the country Anopia you have to conduct an operation which will make you blind. Without the eye sight the community will value people for what they do rather than how they look. The inhabitants will go through a phase where they will gradually remove their eye sight, and learn how to live without it.
The community will be customised to the inhabitants, and being blind will not be seen as a barrier to everyday life. Anopia has a warm and inclusive society, where the focus will lie on the other senses: smell, taste, hearing, feeling and the tactile environment.
Logo Explanation:
Whole Eye   –   Eye with a Cut   –   Echo Location
Main Logo
The word Anopia comes from Latin and means "without sight". Anopia or anopsia is also the term for a defect in the visual field. The word is short and easy to remember, and is therefore a suitable name for a country/brand
Logo Symbol
Monetary System
Anopia's monetary system is a 
time-based currency, based on the watch with 60 minutes as the basis of the system. If you spend 30 minutes cutting the neighbour's lawn, you are credited 30 minutes which you can redeem for a service or favour of your choice later. The system is 
This system is made tactile using physical coins. They are each of a different shape, so that the inhabitants of Anopia can easily know which coin they hold in their hand (they don't see, remember?).
Secondary Typography
These pictograms illustrate the transition from full eye sight to 25% eye sight. They are used on the Welcome Pacage "How to be Blind 101" (Blind på 1-2-3), and as part of graphic patterns used in the visual identity.

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